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Publicitymedia’s First Big Trial – the BAFTA Children’s Awards

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Sunday November 25th saw the Publicitymedia team backstage with the BAFTA photography, archive and comms team at the annual Children’s Awards.

The venue was the Hilton in London’s Park Lane and the crowded red carpet was packed with celebs, photographers and journalists.

But as always happens at these events, backstage in the media room, the BAFTA crew were working hard to turn the best images around for use by BAFTA and its partners.

In parallell, the Publicitymedia team were taking the same memory cards from the red carpet photographers (after the BAFTA team had finished with them) and uploading them into Publicitymedia.

From 4pm until after midnight the system was pushed harder than ever before as card after card of RAW, TIFF and JPGs were uploaded and processed in parallel, simulating multiple clients bulk uploading, organising and releasing files to colleagues, partners and journalists.

The great news is that the system performed brilliantly, we learned a lot and it’s now full steam ahead to use the system live to drive BAFTA’s photography and comms services at the Film Awards on Sunday February 10th 2013.