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Posted on by announces a January 2013 launch, a new home for the BAFTA digital stills archive, and a pricing structure that makes sense for entertainment companies of any size.

DATELINE: MIPTV Monday 2 April 2012, the subscription based digital asset management and distribution platform exclusively for the entertainment industry, will launch in October 2012.
It allows even the smallest entertainment company to simply, securely and affordably create, manage and globally distribute sales, marketing and publicity material to colleagues, partners, clients and media, anywhere in the world.

The system was announced at MIPCOM last October by British digital asset management and workflow specialists, Maglabs.

It is aimed squarely at small-to-medium entertainment businesses who don’t currently have the tools they need to securely store, manage and distribute their assets digitally.

One of the first entertainment big names to join the platform is BAFTA. From September, the BAFTA digital stills archive – which represents more than 60 years of British film history – will be managed and distributed via

The BAFTA archive is currently stored offline, making searching and using stills within the organisation a time-consuming process. Giving BAFTA employees and partners access to the tens of thousands of images is seen as the first step to allowing wider public access to this hidden national treasure.

The entry point for companies joining is £250 per month, which gives full access to the system and 2Gigabytes of storage.

A major benefit of is that companies using the service are only charged for storage space on the system – not for content distribution. This means will not penalise companies that enjoy unplanned or unexpected success with their titles or campaigns.

There is no upper limit for storage, nor for the number of  administrators, colleagues, partners or journalists that a company can have on the platform. Companies don’t have to buy, upgrade or maintain any extra kit, licence any software or pay for extra “seats” on the system as they grow. also allows companies to build up a trusted journalist network within the system, radically reducing the time it takes to securely share fresh content and manage exclusives with key media partners. And full one-click reporting means each client can instantly see who has downloaded their content.

Like the best professional social networks, allows companies to approach journalists and invite them to join their network. In turn, accredited entertainment journalists can approach companies and apply to join their network.

Mike Taylor,’s managing director, said:
“Too many people in the entertainment business are arriving each day to find their email boxes jammed full of huge files. Or they’re putting material on USB sticks or straight to landfill DVDs, before sending them via courier across town – or across continents. does away with all of this – it is simple, secure, affordable, connected and more environmentally responsible.

“Pricing that starts at just £250 means even the smallest entertainment company can securely create, manage and distribute any digital content – stills, video, scripts, production notes, press releases, artwork – to individual editors, specific groups or their entire network, just like a Hollywood major.

“It’s simple – will allow entertainment companies to rationalise business processes, increase reach and exposure, collaborate more effectively and significantly reduce operational costs”.