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Publicitymedia Launches With 2,000 Journalists and Big Name Clients

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Publicitymedia has successfully launched, bringing a powerful new digital asset management and distribution platform to Publicity, PR and Marketing teams across the entertainment Industry.

And the first few days saw more than two-thousand entertainment journalists receive material from BAFTA and Fox Home Entertainment.

For the very first time, entertainment companies of any size can manage all of their digital content, industry relationships, media contacts, screening rooms, image libraries and press releases from a single browser based system that is as simple as it is powerful.

Exclusively for the entertainment industry, Publicitymedia delivers a fully branded and secure online toolset in one package that out performs the market leaders in each sector.

And early feedback on the system from entertainment companies and journalists has given the system the thumbs up.

Users say it is simple to use, saves them time, drastically reduces admin tasks and delivers amazing bang per back.

A Communications Director for a Worldwide Television network went further:

“There are plenty of products out there that do pieces of this, but this is the first time I have ever seen one platform that does everything well and has been designed with publicists and journalists in mind. You have to wonder why you would now have one tool for press releases, another for video, another for images and another to manage distribution lists. It just doesn’t make sense any more…”

The ability to handle any file format or size and securely distribute to anyone anywhere in the world without jamming email systems is proving a winner with the early adopters who are stepping onto the Publicitymedia platform.

Combine that with free distribution (users only pay a single monthly fee to store material on the system) and Publicitymedia looks like becoming a killer app for entertainment PRs working with film, tv, music, games and arts companies.

And they can have unlimited users, administrators and distribution contacts without having to upgrade their computers, increase network storage or manage software licences.

For entertainment journalists covering any entertainment beat is a free service providing them with with a fast, unrivalled source of approved content plus a way to approach and connect with the media companies that own it.


To find out just how much time, effort and money Publicitymedia can save you and your business email or call 0870 321 5678