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Publicitymedia Enabling Digital Storytellers At First Transvergence Conference

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The Publicitymedia team went to Hollywood as sponsors of the first ever Transvergence Summit – a crossroads where traditional and digital storytellers got to exchange ideas, engage with new technologies and explore how their art will be changing in the coming decade.

The two day event organised by Createasphere at the W Hotel in Los Angeles brought together people from film, tv, digital arts, technology and education – people at the bleeding edge of multiple screens, cross platform and over-the-top television, changes that  have fragmented audiences and given birth to new ways of storytelling, branding and fan engagement.

Experts and academics shared platforms with artists and producers and sessions covered transmedia, immersive media, publishing, branded content, live experience and multiscreen.

The message from Mike Taylor, Maglabs Sales and Marketing director and co-founder of the Publicitymedia platform was a simple one. Big digital isn’t nearly as easy as it looks and content owners are being 1-2 sucker punched by both more and less: More files, more formats, more channels, more opportunities, needing more management – but less time, smaller budgets, fewer staff, less experience, tighter deadlines.

Publicitymedia allows any entertainment company to upload, manage, move and track their digital contant through a secure, branded space in a way that’s as easy as sending an email or updating Facebook.

Mike Taylor made his position clear to delegates during the Tools, Technology and Transvergence Panel:

“Publicitymedia isn’t the moon on a stick, but it does a handful of things really, really well – drag and drop uploads, desktop style file management, easy metadata editing, in browser previews, flexible corporate and release branding, simple and secure releasing of content to contacts whatever the size or format of file…

“These are now daily tasks that staff in every entertainment company are having to perform and they are finding out the hard way just how slow, limited, complex and expensive some of those other online tools can be…

“Every day we are working with the PR, marketing and ops teams in film, TV games and music companies who have hit the wall with deadlines, file sizes and formats . Some of them are having to hand carry hard drives full of files. This isn’t the digital future we were promised… it doesn’t have to be like this”.

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