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Publicitymedia And the BAFTA Film Awards

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Publicitymedia has revolutionised how BAFTA delivers its awards night photography on the night to sponsors and the world’s media.

Last Sunday’s 2013 BAFTA Film Awards saw the organisation using Publicitymedia for the first time to manage thousands of images on their biggest and busiest night of the year.

The platform has considerably cut the time between stars being spotted and snapped on the red carpet and those pictures being flashed around the world.

And it means BAFTA’s all important commercial partners have faster and better access to the images that will drive their own publicity campaigns in the hours following one of the biggest events in the movie calendar.

So what’s the process, what are the issues and how does Publicitymedia help?

BAFTA’s team of photographers on the red carpet, backstage in the press room, in the auditorium at the Royal Opera House and at the exclusive after-show dinner and party are documenting the night, with each of them taking hundreds of images.

Two BAFTA editors take the images off the photographer’s memory cards, load them into Adobe Bridge sorting and tweaking the images, and adding copyright metadata.

The full resolution JPGs and TIFF files they produce are loaded into Publicitymedia, all of the metadata comes with them and previews are generated on upload allowing the BAFTA team to quickly sort the images.

And it’s at this point that images can be batched into releases for specific media outlets or particular sponsors.

For example, Asprey are the official jewellers to the Film Awards, loaning necklaces and earrings worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to selected nominees. The Asprey PR team need images of the stars they’ve dressed to use in their own media campaigns – and they need those pictures as quickly as possible to make the best use of them and meet tight media deadlines.

But all the other Film Awards partners – companies such as Audi, Tattinger, Lancome, Hackett and Rue du Rhone – also want pictures of “their” nominees at the same time and behind the scenes the small but dedicated BAFTA team are under huge pressure to get the right material to the right people on time.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re also under pressure to get their best images out to as many media outlets as possible – and with thousands of celebrity and film websites crying out for content the pressure is really on.

Until now, they’ve had to use email and FTP to move edited images out as quickly as they can, wrestling with limitations on file sizes and formats to try and deliver as much as possible as quickly as possible.

But with Publicitymedia, pictures can be gathered together into specific releases for specific partners giving them instant access to just the images they are interested in and allowing them to download them as fast as their connections allow.

Releases are bundles of content published out via the system to contacts. And that’s any files of any size or format that have been uploaded to the BAFTA content library released to groups or individuals, whether their details are on already on Publicitymedia or not.

Publicitymedia’s simplicity allows the team to be as organised and prepared as they can be before the event, grouping contacts into networks on the system ahead of time. But there are always calls to deliver material to someone new. Rather than spend even a few precious minutes adding them to the system, all the BAFTA team need is an email address and content can be released.

BAFTA’s mission is to celebrate, identify, reward and celebrate excellence in the moving image and many people often forget that this internationally renowned organisation is a charity. Publicitymedia helps the BAFTA team behind the world famous mask to deliver on it’s promise to both the public and its commercial partners by moving images faster than ever before.


All photography in this article is copyright and courtesy of BAFTA 2013.