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Powerful New PR Tools Put Publicitymedia In a Class Of Its Own

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Publicitymedia has just unleashed a whole new range of powerful functionality that gives entertainment PR and marketing teams more flexibility, more control and even more bang per buck.

The platform now boasts the four features most asked for by clients since we launched in January – key features that all add up to a big bag of benefits for all users.

Detailed one click reporting on campaigns, editable client branding, individual branding for releases and releases with view-only content are all now available as part of Publicitymedia’s core toolset.

But while turning the system up to 11 we’ve also worked hard to keep it really simple and make sure the new stuff works seamlessly with the rest of the platform. We never forget that Publicitymedia is not a platform for techies – it’s a life saver for the rest of us who just need to manage and move increasingly large files and run brilliant digital PR campaigns.

So lets have a look at those features in a little more detail:

Key benefits for Sales TeamsDetailed one-click reports are now available. Profile your campaigns by file, user and release. Client Admins can instantly see in real-time who’s viewed their releases, who’s downloaded what and which assets are hot.


Edit Your Branding
Marketing & CreativePreviously a job you’d have to ask the helpdesk to do, we’ve now given Client Admins the ability to change and update their own corporate branding. It’s now a job of moments that any Admin can do themselves – just upload the images, check how it looks, tweak it, check it, push it live.


Release Branding
OperationsAnd the branding update’s not just for Client pages. Now you can give your releases their own specific branding. Each title, campaign, property, act or project can now have all of its assets moved, shared and released in an individually branded environment. And we’ve made uploading your branding sets as easy as updating your facebook profile.


Restricted Releases
Publicity TeamsYou want journalists to see the materials you have available but then to ask you for access to specific files? Say hello to Restricted Releases. These let end users view your videos in browser (but not download them) or download low resolution watermarked images. It’s great for managing exclusives with media partners or any campaign where you want tighter control over your assets.


We believe that these new features – combined with the existing power and simplicity of Publicitymedia – make it THE platform of choice for any entertainment industry PR, Publicity, Marketing or Ops team who need to quickly and easily build and mange digital campaigns, EPKs, screening rooms or just get great looking traditional press releases out of the door.

If you’re an existing client using Publicitymedia and you’d like us to take you through them, why not drop an email to and we’ll book in a time to pop round and show you what’s new.