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Publicitymedia – Powered by Maglabs Entertainment Know-How

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Publicitymedia – the powerful new digital asset management and distribution platform exclusively for the entertainment Industry – is built upon Maglabs technology and it’s entertainment industry know how.

The service is set to revolutionise how entertainment companies organise and distribute their digital content with a platform that is that is simple to use, secure, affordable, connected and green.

Launching in January 2013, allows entertainment companies of any size to manage and distribute all of their digital assets online and enjoy unlimited global distribution to colleagues, partners, clients and journalists.

Companies only pay a set monthly fee to store their content and can instantly move any file, of any size, to any amount of recipients, anywhere on the globe.

And starting at just £250 per month, clients can have unlimited users, administrators and distribution contacts without having to upgrade their computers, increase network storage or manage software licences.

For entertainment journalists of any flavour – writers, producers, picture editors, bloggers – covering any entertainment beat (film, tv, gaming, music, arts, literature, theatre) is a free service providing them with with a fast, unrivalled source of approved content plus a way to approach and connect with the media companies that own it. MD Mike Taylor said: “Maglabs expertise in building bespoke systems that can manage huge volumes of content and users across the globe is second to none. Their track record of doing this for the entertainment industry means they are uniquely placed to launch Publicitymedia.

“A year ago we put all the really difficult problems of global digital asset management on the table – simplicity, file size, data security, price, formats, flexibility, connectedness and environmental responsibility – and set about seeing what it would take to solve them all in one go.

“Publicitymedia is the result, and in the process of working with them to deliver it, Maglabs have proved that they are a very human company delivering superhuman results”.