Help Guide: Media Partners



(Click on the Releases tab in the grey navigation bar)
Here in the main working space are all of your releases – all of the packages of material released specifically to you and all of the public releases available to you.

Releases look like folders of content with the logo of the company issuing the release attached to it.

Companies can release material in two ways – either as a specific release to one or more journalists they are connected to, or as a public release to all of the journalists on the entire platform.

On both types of release, if the company has used a good, clear title and an image on the release folder, at a glance, you should be able to get a good idea of what each release contains and who it’s from.

From the date and time information you’ll also know exactly when it was released. The most current releases are always at the top and on the left. These can be both new or recently updated releases.

A new release has a small green tag attached to it that says New. This is just another way of letting you know at a glance that this release is new.

You may also see an orange Updated tag on some releases. This tells you that the company which issued the release has added more material to it. This gets to the heart of how Publicitymedia works.

Unlike on email, the material isn’t sent to you. Rather, the company has packaged the material up, given you access and just sent you a link directly to it. This should stop your email inbox from blowing up, particularly when big files are involved.

It also means that you have access to that material from any computer with an internet connection. Or even your iPad.