Help Guide: Media Partners

Introduction & Overview

Introduction and Overview

Publicitymedia is a platform that allows you to receive content from entertainment companies.

Publicitymedia will make your life easier, allowing you to work smarter and closer with the companies you are connected to. We hope that you’ll get better access to approved material in a faster and easier way than ever before.

You’ll receive your material in the form of releases.Releases are packages of content that can be any mixture of text, stills, video – in fact any type of file format and of any size. From web ready stills to full blown HD video, Publicitymedia can handle it all.

When a company releases material to you, you’ll get an email from them that includes a shortcode link – just click on this and you’ll go straight through to the release (assuming you’ve logged into Publicitymedia recently – if you haven’t, you’ll see a login box before you get to the release).

As a media partner on Publicitymedia, you’ll see companies on the system that you can connect to.

Companies can also invite you to connect to them – and once you do, they can release material specifically to you.

You’ll also be receiving links to content from companies you’re not connected to, but they have decided to openly release to all journalists on the entire Publicitymedia platform. We call these public releases.

Right, let’s get stuck in…