Help Guide: Business Partners

Inside a Release

Inside a Release

Once inside a specific release – either one that’s been published or updated – you’ll be able to see the release in its entirety which includes it’s name, all the release details, the branding for the company that released it, any words/images in the release text area, the release artwork (if it has been applied) and scrolling down the page, any files or folders full of content in this release.

Release Text

Information in the Release text area can be a key part of any release – while it’s not mandatory, it can be as simple as a couple of lines or a rich HTML or Word formatted document. The Publicitymedia Release tool is a simple, complete and powerful press release/EPK creation tool.


If you scroll down to the bottom of any release you’ll see the files (and folders if there are any) that make up the content of the release.

If you click on a folder, it’ll open and show you the files inside.