Help Guide: Business Partners



The platform allows entertainment companies to store and distribute their material to you.

Each company using the service has a company profile page (in the same way that you have a personal/professional profile).

To see the companies you are already connected to, first click on the Companies tab in the grey navigation bar. You will see a list of the companies that you are connected to. If you chose to disconnect from all your companies, you will need to be re-invited to be able to see any release associated to a company.

On the right hand side you will see a logo for the company you are connected to, a link that show you are connected (and also allows you to Disconnect from a company), any recent releases from that company plus a link to all of the releases available to you from that company.

As you move down the list of companies you are connected to as a Business Partner (assuming you are connected to more than one), you’ll see these details displayed for each company you are partnered with.