Help Guide: Business Partners



To allow you to download a number of different files from different parts of the Content Library all in one go, all downloaded in one nice easy ZIP file, we have created a basket function.

Each file in the Content Library has a grey small basket icon in the bottom right hand corner. Click on this icon to add it to your basket (a green plus sign will show up as you rollover the icon to remind you that you are adding files to your basket). Once a file has been added to your basket, the icon appears orange.

You can also add files to your basket by ticking the small checkbox in the bottom right hand corner of each file, selecting the settings/cog dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of the same file and choosing the Add to Basket option.

You can also use the Select All Files checkbox on the right hand side and then add all of the selected files to your basket by clicking on the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu and choosing the Add to Basket option

(Note: All users of Publicitymedia have the basket function. For Media Partners who want to download just the files they need out of multiple different releases from many different companies, it’s a killer tool).