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Previewing files in a Release

Previewing files in a Release

If you click on a file it will bring up the ‘View Details’ popup window which is a lightbox window showing you a preview of the file, plus quite a bit of general and technical information about the file.

This popup is split into two main sections. On the left is the preview of the file and the navigation buttons. On the right hand side is a metadata window with three tabs: ‘General’, ‘Technical’ and ‘EXIF’ (if it’s not an image file, there probably won’t be an EXIF tab).

Navigate through the files in the Release by using the Next and Back buttons in the grey bar underneath your file preview.

The General metadata tab shows you key information about this file such as its name plus any caption, description or copyright information that has been added to it.

Much of this general metadata is searchable from the search boxes in the left hand columns across Publicitymedia.

The information on the Technical metadata tab is a top level/headline subset of the EXIF data (assuming a specific file has any). The Technical tab puts the most needed and most used technical metadata (eg: file size and resolution, who uploaded the file and the media type) into an easy to read list.

(This is very similar to browsing files in the Content Library, but you cannot edit the files from a release).

You can download a PDF of just the release text without any files and folders full of content that make up the release.

Files from a release can be downloaded in several ways:

  • You can click on the download icon in the bottom right hand corner of each file icon.
  • You can add individual files from multiple releases to you basket and simply download them all as one ZIP file.
  • You can select all of the files in any release by ticking the ‘Select All Files’ checkbox on the right hand side of your screen – the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu will allow you to add all of the selected files in this release to your basket.
  • You can browse the files in the ‘View Details’ window and individually click the orange download button in the bottom right hand corner.
  • You can click the large orange Download Release button on the left hand side of your screen (under your company logo and the Release Summary) to download the entire release. The release text plus all files and folders will be turned into a ZIP file and immediately downloaded to your computer.
  • You can click the Download Release Text PDF button on the right hand side of your screen to just download the release text as a PDF – none of the files will be downloaded with it.

Why are there so many ways to download a file? Because different users have different needs and we’ve found that there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to certain key actions and workflows (like downloading files, editing metadata or creating releases).