Help Guide: Business Colleagues

About Releases

About Releases

Releases are presented on the Releases page in date/time orders and, as you might expect, the most recently published or updated releases will be at the top and on the left.

Release Status

Across the entire Publicitymedia system there are five “states” a release can be in – but as a Business Colleagues, you’ll probably only ever see two of them. The at-a-glance way to tell the status of a release is to look at the small tag wrapping around the top right hand corner of the release folder (the grey folder icon or the image that’s been used).

This tells you at a glance the status of this release. Here and across the Publicitymedia system, you may see releases status tags that say:

  • Draft (red),
  • New (green), (Business Colleagues will see this)
  • Updated (orange), (Business Colleagues will see this)
  • Pending (blue)
  • Expired