Help Guide: Business Colleagues

What are the Key Elements of Publicitymedia?

What are the Key Elements of Publicitymedia?

We have worked really hard to keep Publicitymedia simple yet powerful.

We think you’ll learn most of what you need just by grasping a few basic concepts, clicking around the system and reading the on screen prompts.

We’ve taken an “it does what it says on the button” approach to designing the system – even where that makes some of the buttons a bit big…

Some Key Concepts:

  • Releases – Your material your Administrator has packaged up and sent out into the world.
  • Content – The material stored and organised by the Administrators at your company. Some of it may be uploaded and edited by you, where you’ve been given access.
  • Types of users:
    • Administrators – The people in your company who manage Publicitymedia
    • Business Colleagues – Users like you inside your company
    • Business Partners – Users connected with your company
    • Media Partners – Journalists connected with your company
  • Networks – are groups of users which Publicitymedia uses for distribution and access lists.