Help Guide: Business Colleagues

Introduction & Overview

Introduction & Overview

Publicitymedia is a platform that allows any entertainment company to upload, organise, share and distribute content.

You can work with your Business Colleagues (people that work with you in your company), Business Partners (people who work with you but are not in your company – like clients and suppliers) and Media Partners (journalists).

For you and all of the people you work with, Publicitymedia is designed to save you time and make your life easier.

The Publicitymedia platform is flexible – it can handle any file, in any format and of any size and give you previews of image and video files.

Publicitymedia allows Administrators within each company to easily upload and organise their assets in any way they like, allows individuals or teams within a business to edit and share the material and allows users outside the company to receive and upload material.

When it comes to working with journalists, it’s easy for Administrators to upload, manage your contacts and organise them into specific distribution lists.  They can also search the entire Publicitymedia platform for new entertainment journalists your company is not currently connected to and invite them into your network of trusted media partners.

Journalists receive your material in the as Releases (but only Administrators in your company can create releases).

Releases are packages of content that can be any mixture of text, stills and video – in fact any type of file format and of any size. From web ready stills to full blown HD video, Publicitymedia can handle it all.

Whenever an Administrator in your company releases material, journalists get an email, with your branding that includes a link – they just click on this and go straight through to your release and the content.

If they add more content to any release, journalists are alerted that it’s been updated and as long as they release is published, they have access to it, which makes life much easier for journalists.

So, Publicitymedia gives any entertainment company the tools to affordably organise, distribute and showcase material in a secure and properly branded environment.