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Moving and Copying Multiple Files from the Content Library

Moving and Copying Multiple Files from the Content Library

To copy or move multiple files inside the Publicitymedia Content Library, first navigate to the folder containing your files.

Now, select them by ticking the box in the bottom left corner of each individual file to be moved or copied.

Or, select all the files in this folder by ticking the ‘Select All Files’ button.

Once you have your files selected, click the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu on the right hand side and choose the Move/Copy Selected Files option.

The Move/Copy File or Move/Copy Folder lightbox popup window will appear showing your File or Folder name and asking you to select as destination folder from your Content Library structure.

Select the destination folder – a green tick will appear in the box next to its name.

Then either move or copy the file or folder to the destination folder by clicking either the Copy or Move buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the popup window.

You can also close the window without doing anything at any point by clicking the red Cancel link in the bottom left hand corner of the popup window or by clicking the small black ‘X’ in the top right hand corner.

NOTE: You cannot move or copy multiple folders. Each folder needs to be moved or copied individually.