Help Guide: Business Colleagues



The main centre space on your screen shows the latest nine live releases from your company.

A Release is the key way that you, Business Partners and Media Partners receive material from your company.

A Release can be as simple as a few lines of text with maybe an image or a logo.

Or, it may be as large and complex as a full electronic press kit complete with dozens of documents, spreadsheets, images, videos and a fully branded press release all organised into folders.

Looking at each release icon on the page (or anywhere else in Publicitymedia) tells you a number of things about that release.

  • Release Status – Draft, Live, Pending & Expired

Each release icon has either an orange folder or an image in the centre.

You’ll notice a small tag wrapping around the top right hand corner of the release folder that tells you at a glance the status of this release. Across the system, you might see releases status tags that say New (green) or Updated (orange).

Please note that this screen only shows live releases. If they are new or updated releases, you can see this by referring to the tag.

The order of releases on this screen is determined by when they were published or updated. The latest release will appear on the top left.

Under the release folder you’ll see the name of the release, who in your organisation released it and when it was released.