Help Guide: Administrators

Looking at a Release on the Releases Page

Looking at a Release on the Releases Page

Pick a release on the Releases page and looking at it you’ll see a lot of information.

Working from the left, you’ll see the name of your company above a folder icon. This may be greyed out which will state ‘No Draft Version’ or have an image attached to it.

If the folder is orange or there is an image in it, this means there is a draft version available.

This is to show whether or not there is currently a draft version of this release being edited.

Moving right, next you’ll see the Publish/Unpublish/Republish button that, as its name suggests, lets you Publish, Unpublish or Republish that release. All of which are very useful time saving tools.

Next you’ll see another folder icon – either grey or with an image on the right hand side. This is to show whether or not there is currently a published version of this release. If there is a published version, the name will appear underneath with some details about who released it, when it was released and how many networks can see it.

In last block on the right hand side is more information designed to help you see all about at release at a glance. The information here includes the ‘Release Status’, its short outline, the number of files/folders contained in it and how many networks have full access to it.

Just to the right of this, in the top right hand corner of each individual release window there is a small grey settings/cog dropdown menu that allows you to ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Unpublish’ that release.