Help Guide: Administrators

The Summary Tab

The Summary Tab

At any point you can click on the ‘Summary’ tab and get a summary of the work you’ve done on your release.

All of the information you’ve added to your release is visible here allowing you to check it as you go and give it one final check before you publish it to your contacts.

If you want to actually preview the release to get a view that is almost identical to the way the recipients will see your release on Publicitymedia, you can do this by clicking the orange Preview Release button in the bottom left hand corner of the ‘Summary’ tab.

The only real difference is that Admins can see a more detailed Release Summary (under your corporate logo) and Admins can also see the Release Details at the top of the page (and you can close this window using the small up arrow to the right of the Release Artwork image).

Click on the Releases tab in the grey navigation bar. You’ll see the release you’ve been working on near the top.

From the Releases page you can get back to editing a release by clicking on the small settings/cog dropdown arrow on the right hand side of each release. Or if you happen to be previewing a release you want to continue editing, the same dropdown menu is available in the top right hand corner inside the release too which are the same either way:

  • Edit Draft/Release – Edit this release you are previewing/working on
  • Delete Release – This will delete the release and unpublish it from all network recipients. Please note, this does not delete the files in the release from the Content Library
  • Unpublish Release – Unpublish this currently live release
  • Discard Draft – Delete this draft release you are previewing/working on
  • Duplicate Draft – Duplicate this draft release you previewing/are working on
  • Publish Draft – Publish this draft release you are previewing/working on

The menu options will vary a little between releases depending on their exact state (Draft, Pending, Published, Published but with a Draft being worked on). The various destructive options on this list will give you a chance to make sure you really want to do this before you do it, so it’s really worth paying attention to the messages that come up at this point.

You’ll also have noticed a status line in the top right hand corner. This gives you the ability to quickly switch between the draft and published versions of any release by clicking on the red or green button.