Help Guide: Administrators

Distribution: Full Tab

Distribution: Full Tab

The Distribution: Full tab allows you to decide which networks of people have full access to view and download your release and its content.

All of your networks are listed in the left hand window with networks of Business Colleagues first, then Business Partner networks and finally Media Partner networks.

To add any of these networks to your release, click the green + Add button and you will see that network move to the right hand window, making it clear which networks have been added.

To remove a network from the Release, click on that network’s red ‘Remove’ button in the window on the right hand side.

On the distribution tabs it is also possible to filter an existing network that you’ve added – allowing you to quickly and easily fine tune the exact distribution of any release.

When you issue a release, all of the contacts in the selected network will see it in their Publicitymedia Dashboard when they login. They will also receive a branded email from you telling them that you have released material to them and with a link to take them directly to it.

There are two more controls on this page that really give you the great business benefits of speed and reach when necessary.

Public Releases

Use the Public Release button when you want to bypass all of your networks and simply make your release available to every journalist on the Publicitymedia platform – whether you are connected to them or not.

You do this by putting a tick in the Public Release box above the left hand column of networks.

When releasing a public release, all active media partners on (regardless of whether they are connected to your company or not) will receive an email notification informing them of the release’s publication.

If a user has been sent a notification about this release before, they won’t receive another one until the release is republished and a) the release content is changed, or b) the user previously had restricted access but now has been given full access.

Public Releases can vastly increase your media reach and encourage registered journalists who are not part of your network to connect with your company.

Add Individual User

You can also add individual users to any release using the ‘Add Individual Users’ which is just underneath the ‘Add Networks’ panel.

Start typing a name into this box and you’ll see matching individuals from your various colleagues and partners appearing. Select a contact from the dropdown list that appears and their name will appear in the Add Individual Users box. To add them, click the grey + Add User button.

If the individual you need to add to your release isn’t in your contacts – don’t panic, this isn’t a problem that they are not a registered user of Publicitymedia, you can still add them. Just type in their email address into the ‘Add Individual Users’ box, and click the + Add Users button.

What will happen is they will receive a branded email with a specially encoded shortcode link to your release and its content – ideal if you have to quickly get content out (e.g.: to clients, potential clients, legal or approval teams) and just don’t have the time right now to add them to your networks.

Save Draft and Preview Release (At any point)

As we’ve seen before, the two orange buttons allow you to immediately save your draft and preview the release and save your draft and continue editing the release. However, if you happen to forget to do this and click on another tab, don’t panic – the system will save your changes before taking you to the tab you’ve clicked on.