Help Guide: Administrators

Creating a Release

Creating a Release

The main way of creating a release is to click the Releases tab in the grey navigation bar and then click the orange Create Release button on the right hand side.

The create release pages have been designed to make creating a release as clear and  simple as possible. We’ve tried to show you what you’ve done, what you’re doing and allowing you plenty of options to save, review, re-edit and preview before you actually published your release.

On the first create release page you’ll notice the ‘Details’ tab is highlighted above some fields that need filling in. The other tabs are ‘Files’, ’Distribution: Full’ and ‘Summary’. We’ll step through these as we create our release.

At the foot of each tabbed page you’ll find two orange buttons that allow you to immediately ‘Save your Draft and Preview your Release’ or ‘Save your Draft and Continue Editing’ (you can always preview your release later).