Help Guide: Administrators

User Types

User Types

There are three types of users in Publicitymedia and you can create networks of each type of user (but you cannot mix them up into one network)

Business Colleagues – These are all the people in your company who use Publicitymedia. Administrators (like you) are a Business Colleague who has been given special administrator privileges that allow them to do far more with Publicitymedia.

Business Partners – These are people who work with your business but are not part of it. They may be suppliers (graphic designers, photographers, printers,) or they may have some other relationship – they may be your current or future clients.

Media Partners – Journalists.

These are all of your media contacts and Publicitymedia’s Networks let you slice and dice them by sector, outlets, media, geography, long and short lead – in fact any way that makes sense to you and the way you work.

When a company joins Publicitymedia a handful of networks are automatically created to make things easier for you:

  • All Business Colleagues
  • Administrators (it sits under the Business Colleagues tab)
  • All Business Partners
  • All Media Partners

These networks can’t be deleted (so there’s something else you don’t need to worry about…)