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Inviting Business Partners

Inviting Business Partners

Business Partners are people who work with your business but not part of it. Therefore you can invite those partners to share your releases with them. To do this, within Networks tab, simply click on the Business Partners tab and then click the green Manage Partner button.

You will be navigated to the Edit All Business Partners screen and there on the top right you will find the orange Invite Business Partners button. Click on this and you will be taken to the Invite Business Partners screen.

On this screen, you can enter the email address of the Business Partner you’d like to invite. You can invite as many as you would like as one simple invite. To do this, enter the email address and click on Add to Invitation button. If you enter business partners email address that already exists in your network, the system will stop you from doing this – as the email must be unique.

Once you have added all Business Partners to the invitation, you can enter the message that will be sent with the email notification. Click the orange Send Invitation button, once you are happy to send.

Once the business partner has accepted connection, they will be able to see all releases and any drop zones that you may approve for them to see.