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Growing Your Media Contacts Database

Growing Your Media Contacts Database

In addition to creating your Media Partners Networks from journalists you are already connected to, Publicitymedia allows you to grow your contacts.

This is done by inviting any journalist registered on the platform to connect with you.

Invite Media Partners to Connect With Your Company

Click on the Network button in the grey navigation bar and then click on the Media Partners tab. In the All Connected Media Partners network, you’ll see a green Invite Media button.

Clicking on this button will bring up the Invite Media Partners to connect screen.

Just like the screens you use to manage your networks, this screen is split into two main halves.

At the top (the part with the pale purple header) you’ll see a filterable list of all the journalists registered on the entire platform that you are not already connected to. Look through this list and find media contacts who you believe you should be working with you and receiving your Releases.

This list can be searched and filtered using the search bar and filters just above the pale purple header and just like adding other users to a network you can add selected journalists to your invite by putting a tick in the checkbox next to their name and clicking the large orange Add Selected Media Partners to invitation button on the left hand side of your screen.

By scrolling down to the lower part of the screen, you’ll see the Media Partners currently chosen to receive your invite to connect in the box with the orange header and here you also remove any partners that have been added in error.

To do so, simply select the journalist to remove and click the large orange Remove Selected Media Partners from Invitation button on the left hand side of your screen.

Beneath this you may also see some networks listed which are the networks you will have already created so you also have the option to select these too.

When you are happy with the people you want to invite, scroll down again and you will see a empty text box underneath the heading ‘Message’. This is to allow you to write a personal note to the journalists you are inviting to connect with you.

Also at the foot of this page you have the ability to click the red Cancel Without Saving Changes link or an orange Send Invitation button on the right hand side.

Click on the Send Invitation to finish this process and send your invite.

Doing this will send the invitation straight away and will take you back to the main Network