Help Guide: Administrators

Creating your own networks

Creating your own networks

Creating any sort of network is done in exactly the same way – whether it is a network of Business Colleagues, Business Partners or Media Partners. The screens you will see that allow you to create and edit networks are almost identical and you’ll soon get used to the top down method of selecting users, adding or deleting them and saving your changes.

To create a new network, first, click on the Network tab in the grey navigation bar and then decide what type of user network you want to create (Business Colleague, Business Partner or Media Partner) and then click on that tab in the main central working area.

Clicking on the + New Network button which will open up the Add Network screen.

First, you need to give your network a name and a short description. This will help you and your colleagues when you come to add this network to a release, so be clear and specific (Bloggers might be ok for you, but wouldn’t UK film Bloggers be more useful? Either way, don’t panic – you can easily edit the name and description later).

Selecting users

To select users to add to your new network, in the Find Users section (it has a purple bar) click on the radio button next to their name on the left hand side of the screen.

If the list is long, you can filter it by using the free text search box or by applying one or more of the filters along the top of this section. You’ll notice that the filters will change, depending on what sort of network you are creating, but they all do the same job.

To clear all of the filters you have selected, there is a Clear Filter button on the right hand side.

Once you have selected all the users you currently want to add to this network, click the orange Add Selected Users to Network button – it’s in the bottom right hand corner of the Find Users box.

If you add a user by mistake, find the Users in the Network section (it has an orange bar), select the user you want to remove by ticking the checkbox next to their name and click on the orange Remove Selected Users from Network button at the bottom of this section.

IMPORTANT: Now you need to save this network (or any changes you’ve made to it) by clicking the orange Save Network button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (you may need to scroll the screen down to see this button). If you navigate away from this page, all changes will be lost so please be careful!