Help Guide: Administrators

Creating Business Colleagues

Creating Business Colleagues

Creating a Business Colleague is as easy as creating a network. Within your networks, click on the Business Colleagues tab and click Manage Colleagues button.

You will first be taken to View All Business Colleagues screen. It is here you will be able to see Create New Business Colleague button and by clicking on this you will be able to Add New User to the system.

Once you have completed the form, click the orange Submit button. A notification email will go to the user, giving them details of logging into Publicitymedia.

A user logging into for the first time will be shown introductory pages giving an overview of using the site. The introductory pages will be specific to the user’s role within the system.

New User Introductory Page Figure 6

Users can navigate away from this page by clicking on the ‘Go to Dashboard’ button.

Note: If the user is already registered on the system as a Business Partner or Media Partner, you will not be able to add them as a Business Colleague.