Help Guide: Administrators

Upload to a Drop zone

Upload to a Drop zone

For Administrators, uploading material into Drop Zones is almost the same as uploading material directly into the Content Library. For a full explanation of the various uploading options, please see the section above on uploading to Publicitymedia using both Macs and PCs (it’s slightly different).

When your files have finished uploading you’ll remain to see the Upload to Folder applet – but this time it includes the options to choose and upload more files if necessary.

If you have finished uploading, the other option is to exit the screen and notify your fellow Admins.

By clicking the ‘All done?/Notify Admins’ button in the bottom right hand corner you are given the option to notify Admins of the content uploaded to the Drop Zone with a message.

The other option is to click ‘No, Skip this step’ which will exit the applet.