Help Guide: Administrators

Delete Multiple Files from a Drop Zone

Delete Multiple Files from a Drop Zone

This option is useful if you have a large number of files that need to be deleted from a Drop Zone.

To delete multiple files, navigate to the files you want to edit and select them, either by ticking the box in the bottom left corner of each file or by selecting all the files in this folder by ticking the Select All Files button.

Once you have your files selected, click the Actions dropdown menu on the right hand side and choose the Delete Selected Files option.

The delete files popup window will appear warning you that you are about to permanently delete content and that this action cannot be undone.

If you are sure you want to delete these files, click the orange Yes, delete these files button in the bottom right hand corner of the popup window. Your files have now been deleted.

If you want to cancel without deleting anything click the red NO, don’t delete anything link on the bottom left hand corner of the popup window. You are returned to the Content Library and nothing has been deleted.

REMEMBER: If you have moved files out of a Drop Zone you won’t need to delete them because you’ve already moved them out (you don’t copy files from a Drop Zone to the Content Library).