Help Guide: Administrators

Edit Client Branding

Edit Client Branding

This functionality is an easy and effective tool which allows you to edit your own company branding – the branding seen by all users viewing your branded Client pages.

On this page you are presented with four fields for the background, header, logo and small logo. The dimensions for these are:

  • Background – PNG or JPEG with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 900 pixels
  • Header – PNG or JPEG with the exact resolution of 960 x 105 pixels
  • Logo – PNG or JPEG with a minimum resolution of 180 x 180 pixels
  • Small Logo – PNG or JPEG with a minimum resolution of 38 x 38 pixels

There are three drop down options available to you which are;

  • ‘Default Publicity Media Branding’,
  • ‘Use Existing’ (if branding is already applied) or
  • ‘Upload New Image’.

Once you are happy with your selections for each option, you can click ‘Preview’. This page will present a preview of the branding which has been uploaded to allow you to confirm before applying the changes.

You can click ‘Apply Changes’ which will apply the branding instantly or you can click ‘Cancel’, no changes will be applied and you will be returned to the Admin page.