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File Downloads Report

File Downloads Report

This report can be viewed in two places: in the Admin section where Client Admins can access this report via the ‘File Activity Report’ and also on a per file basis inside a release under the File Options menu when viewing any file in a release.

To view it through the ‘File Activity Report’, click the link on the high or low resolution downloads total which will bring up the report. You can also access this directly from a file within a release by clicking on the release file options and selecting ‘File Download Report’.

The report presents a file preview, the download date and time, the name of the user who has downloaded the file and further information on the user.

From here, there is also the option to download the report results using ‘Export to Excel’ or ‘Go to release folder’. You can also return to the ‘File Activity Report’ results if that’s where you came from.