Help Guide: Administrators

Adding folders

Adding folders

New Folder ButtonTo create a new folder in your content library, click on the grey +‘ New Folder ’button.

This will bring up the Add New Folder window.

New Folder Screen

First you need to give your folder a name

Next you will need to decide who can see this and what they are allowed to do with it.

Any of your networks (or any combination of your networks) can be given either Upload/Edit access or View/Download access.

View/Download access allows people in the chosen networks to view material in this folder and to download material from it – but they can’t upload material to it.

Upload/Edit access – as it suggests – allows people in these chosen networks to upload to it, download from it and edit material placed in it.

You can also select No Access so that only you and other Publicitymedia Administrators in your company will be able to see and use this zone.

Finally, at the bottom are the Cancel and Add Folder button – to create the folder click Add Folder and to cancel without saving, click Cancel.

If you click the small black X in the top right hand corner, the window will close without saving your changes.

Once you have created your folder, you can do a number of things to it and with it just by clicking the settings/cog icon/dropdown in the top right hand corner of the folder icon. From this dropdown you can: