Help Guide: Administrators

Content Library

Content Library

Content – Your Content Library

Clicking on the Content tab in the grey navigation bar or clicking on any of the top level folders shown in the left hand column of the Dashboard screen will take you to your Content Library.

Content Library Navigation Menu

This is the Content Library for your company on Publicitymedia. All of the material that you upload to Publicitymedia will be stored here.

And it’s here, in the Content Library that you and your fellow Publicitymedia Administrators have complete control over how it is organised, what the folders are called, how they are structured and if any (non-Admin) Business Colleagues have access to any part of it.

Content Library Screen

There is no limit on the files that can be added to your Content Library. Any format or size is fine.

Wherever necessary (like browsing the library, adding files to a release or moving them around the library) there is an instant preview for image, video and audio files. We create this as the file is uploaded to help you browse your library quickly and easily. This is a real bonus if you are looking for specific versions among very similar files.

Users can browse content folders, drop zones, releases or baskets containing large number of files/folders by navigating through it in pages of 250 items at a time.

Pagination Figure 8

Users can browse content folders, releases or baskets and shall be able to sort the displayed files/folders alphabetically or by modification date, in ascending and descending order.

CA_BC Sort Figure 9

Note: The highlighted field on Sort By is an indication of what the page is currently sorted by.