Help Guide: Administrators

Add or Edit Release Branding Template

Add or Edit Release Branding Template

Add Release Branding Template

Here you need to can give your template a name, add a background and a header.

For the background and header, you have two options; ‘Default Client Branding’ and ‘Upload Image’. The dimensions for these are:

  • Background – PNG or JPEG with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 900 pixels
  • Header – PNG or JPEG with an exact resolution of 960 x 105 pixels

Edit Release Branding Template

You can also edit any of the templates you have added. To do this, navigate to the Admin page and click ‘Edit’ next to any of the templates listed.

Here you can revise the name, upload a new background or header or select ‘Use Existing’ for either the background or header. You can also select ‘Default Client Branding’ which will give a release the same branding as your company’s pages.

This page also shows you a list of Releases your branded is currently applied to. If you would like to, you can click ‘Preview’ to review your amends.