Finally, there’s a digital asset management, distribution and communication system, designed exclusively for the entertainment, media and fashion industries that really is simple to use. means securely storing and sharing any files, of any size and format, to any number of people, anywhere on the globe.

And to Publicity, Marketing and Ops staff on the ground, that means managing and distributing all of your content – marketing collateral, publicity images, press releases, EPK’s, audio, broadcast quality video and more – all in one place, using one easy system.

Suddenly, connecting and collaborating globally with your colleagues, clients, buyers, partners and journalists stops being a time-suck and starts earning you money.

What’s more, for entertainment companies of any size, we believe Publicitymedia will rationalise and improve business processes and significantly reduce operational costs – so even the finance team will be happy.

You’ve put time, money and effort into building your brand, and your space on Publicitymedia reflects your brand not ours. Anyone you do business with sees your content in an environment that you control.

Every file, every user and every interaction between the two are logged – so tracking who’s viewed and download your material is just a click of a button. Reports made easy!